//Will the US import tariff for hearing aids reaches 25%?—USTR unveils new list of Chinese import tariffs

Will the US import tariff for hearing aids reaches 25%?—USTR unveils new list of Chinese import tariffs

Yesterday our colleague Simon received an email from his US customer, urging him to ship the goods as soon as possible. Why? Because this customer wants to get goods before the new tariff policy was finalized.

Recently, the negotiations on import tariffs between China and the United States are going on in tension.  The United States is one of AZ’s important market, and we also pay close attention to this topic. We hope the new tariff policy will not have a huge impact on our customers.

In this article, we will briefly explain the tariff rate and current status of the new tariff.

Current tariff rate for hearing aid and personal sound amplifier

The current hearing aid import tariff is 0%, while it is 1.2% for the amplifier.

9021.40.00 Hearing aids, excluding parts and accessories —free of duty


8518.50.00 Electric sound amplifier sets—1.2% of duty


Status of the new tariff

For Sound Amplifier

The amplifier was not included in the tax list released this month. However, we noticed that when we check the tariff on the USITC ( United States International Trade Commission) website, a new tariff number appeared next to “1/ “. If you look up this particular tariff number 99038803, you will find that the amplifier will levy a 25% import tax.

For Hearing Aid

For US importers/ wholesalers/ distributors/ retailers who are qualified to sell hearing aids,  the good news is that hearing aids are not on new tax list.

Latest news on tariff & trade war

  • China and the United States had reached a tentative agreement for the “first phase” of a trade deal, with China agreeing to buy up to $50 billion in American farm products, and to accept more American financial services in their market, with the United States agreeing to suspend new tariffs scheduled for October 15,2019.
  • Regarding the latest news of the China-US tariff changes between two countries, the US no longer imposes new tariffs on Chinese products, based on G20 meeting at the end of June.





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