//Why you should consider purchasing affordable hearing aids/amplifiers from China

Why you should consider purchasing affordable hearing aids/amplifiers from China

As the population ages, more and more elders will face a series of problems caused by their age, including deafness. For example, the baby boomers in the United States, most people are over 70 years old and daily communication may have been affected because of hearing problems. Besides, modern people are paying more and more attention to health issues.


But when they are ready to solve the hearing difficulty, what will they encounter? Simply put, the price is high.

In the United States, the average price of a single hearing aid is $2,372, from Hearing Tracker survey. This is a relatively large expense for most consumers. People can’t help but ask why hearing aids are so expensive.


As a purchaser, you need to know the fact that the demand for affordable hearing aids has soared.

Why are hearing aids so expensive? In fact, hearing aids are an industry monopolized by several major manufacturers. Back in 2006, Sonova announced purchase of GN ReSound, but pulled out of deal in 2007 after being blocked by German anti-trust court. In 2018, Widex and Sivantos merged to create global hearing aid leader WS Audiology.

As mergers continue to occur, large companies become more powerful and monopolized. Due to the lack of competition, hearing aids are much more expensive than general electronics. On the other hand, hearing aids are products related to human health, so it needs to be serviced by more professional people. When you are purchasing hearing aids, the price you pay is actually tied to the services of the audiologist.

Manufacturers are very limited, and audiologists need to charge a series of fees, both factors lead to a high price of hearing aids. That’s why consumers couldn’t afford it and they have always wanted more affordable hearing aids.

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In fact, more and more affordable hearing aids have appeared in recent years.

Regarding purchase method, the former consumers generally went to the audiologists to help. The popularity of network and e-commerce has caused many consumers to switch from offline to online purchases, and the price has been reduced. Whether it is the 2c e-commerce platform(for example Amazon) or some self-built mall websites, you can see cheaper hearing aids now.

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Why made-in-China

We already know that the supply of affordable hearing aids in the entire market is in an unbalanced state, with supply far less than demand. So where do you purchase hearing aid? The answer is clear, China.

As a manufacturing factory for the world, China has advantages in other supply chain and human resources that other Southeast Asian countries do not have. Compared with India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc., China’s management is more standardized and has more comparative advantage, both in terms of products and supply chain. After more than a decade of development of hearing aids made in China, from analog to digital, the design and manufacturing are constantly improving. Nowadays, Chinese-made hearing aids are relatively mature and trusty-worthy.

Benefits of purchasing from China

Purchasing Chinese-made hearing aids, the buyers could enjoy below benefits:

  • More affordable price

The average cost of manufacturing in China (salary, rent, and tax) is lower than well-developed countries, so manufacturing costs can be controlled at a relatively low level, thus buyers could purchase mass-produced hearing aids with relatively low prices.

  • Customized hearing aids

Analog hearing aids are entrylevel products for most markets. Digital hearing aids can also be made with chip from 2-16 channels. If you are an audiologist, you are very familiar with hearing aids structure and components, you can put forward more professional opinions on the configuration, and you can introduce your better hearing aids together with manufacturers.

As technology advances, factories can build higher-end hearing aids based on customer needs, newer technologies such as Bluetooth and rechargeable could also be applied in advanced models.

hearign aids

  • Private label

Branding is very important. Take our factory as an example, AZ Hearing can provide OEM service, your logo could be laser engraved on hearing aid case, and package box and manual are with your company info.


  • Stable production capacity, guaranteed delivery period.

For buyers with large sales volume, the capacity of the supplier is very important. There are a large number of professional operators in China now, and they are very experienced in wiring and assembly. AZ Hearing’s factory has complete equipment, standardized management, and has a good schedule for production to ensure on-time delivery period.

  • Repair ability

After-sales is important for hearing aid sales. If the after-sales service is not done well, the word of mouth of reputation will be greatly affected. For electronic products, each market has a set of regulations for the warranty, so the supplier’s ability to repair is very important.

hearing aid repair component

  • Standardized management of modern factory

Hearing aids belong to Class II medical devices in China, that have moderate risks and require strict control and management to ensure their safety and effectiveness. China’s FDA implements a strict licensing and management system for such products. Each factory follows a set of its production processes and quality control standards.

Take the AZ Hearing’s factory as an example, the quality inspection includes three processes, incoming inspection, production inspection, and sampling inspection. One by one ensures that the products produced meet the standards.

hearing aid listening check---AZ Hearing-

The demand for hearing aids will increase year by year. More made-in-China hearing aids are needed. For distributors/wholesalers/retailers/audiologists/ENT doctors, choosing to cooperate with Chinese hearing aid manufacturers will be an inevitable trend in the future.

If you want to know about hearing aid industry/business, or if you want a spare supplier for backup needs, you are welcome to contact us, our staff will provide free consultation on any questions you may have.


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