AZ Hearing is a professional hearing amplifiers supplier in China, we provides digital hearing aid, analog hearing aid, rechargeable hearing aid, etc. In terms of hearing aid style, we have BTE and ITE, and CIC. OEM service is available.

The assistive listening systems range from TV amplification devices, personal listening systems, phone ringer, amplified telephone, amplified alarm clocks, notification alerts to amplified headphones. Each designed to address different needs people with hearing loss face.

For elders who are with hearing loss, they need ALDs(Assistive Listening Devices). We have some partners who are the leader in amplified telephones, notification systems and assistive listening devices. If you are providing amplification communication products for elders, it might be a good option to consider our ALDS products.

There are some users who are not ready for expensive hearing aids, the PSAPs-Personal Sound Amplifiers might be a good entry-level product. PSAPs are ready to wear, no requirement on fitting, quite easy to use for elders.
If you are providing sound amplification products, talk to us to discuss more opportunities with PSAP.

We have semi-finished hearing aid product-programmable CIC ITC ITE faceplate for experienced doctors/ audiologist. Wholesale price for distributors.

Listening devices for audiologist are provided, including audiometer, digital hearing aid programmer, audiometer headset, audiometer bone conduction headphone, etc.

We are also the supplier of hearing aid parts, accessory included domes, tubes, battery tester, cleaning brush, hearing aid batteries, drying dehumidifier box and so on. Let us know what you needs.

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hearing accessories