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Project Description

The Feature of  Small In Ear Canal Hearing Aid~Perla

Perla, invisible and compact. Using A10 battery. For the ear canal amplifiers, the wearing comfort is especially important.

The operation is simple, the volume can be controlled by rotating the volume compass, and it can be easily operated through the loop end of the brush.

We have 6 different ear domes for users to choose from, ensuring that they can find the fit one to their ear canal and reduce discomfort problems caused by wearing.

The gain is 33 ± 5dB, which can meet the needs of mild to moderate hearing loss.

Function of Perla-Small In Ear Canal Hearing Aid

ProcessingBeginner level digital
Wear TypeCIC
Volume ControlYES
Battery Type10A
ON-OFFBattery compartment
Fitting Range<80dB hearing loss
parameter for perla-Small In Ear Canal Hearing Aid