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Project Description

Poweful BTE Hearing Aid With Trimmer Small In Size~Dance

Dance200 is a completely digital 2-channel hearing aid with 12 bands, WDRC(wide dynamic range compression), low-distortion and high-fidelity. It comes with 3 preset programs, including normal mode, noise reduction mode for noisy environments, and T-coil mode for phone calls. Beeps will indicate which program it is on.

The maximum gain is 65 ± 5dB, which is suitable for users with moderate to severe hearing loss.

Dance is a powerful hearing aid, but it only requires A13 battery, the size is small.

The low battery reminder function is also very thoughtful, which is convenient for users to replace the new battery in time.

In general, Dance is a cost-effective hearing aid, and its popularity in the market also indicates that this is a high-tech product worth recommending.

The feature of Dance

  • Fully digital signal processing
  • 2 channels WDRC multi memories amplifier
  • 12 bands frequency shaping
  • Great output performance with low distortion
  • Low frequency gain adjustment(H-tri)
  • Output adjustment(P-tri)
  • Volume control with rocker switch
  • ON/OFF with Battery compartment
  • Low battery warning indicator
  • Telecoil available
  • 13A battery

Function of Dance~Poweful BTE Hearing Aid With Trimmer Small In Size

ProcessingAdvanced digital 2 channel
Wear TypeEarhook
Microphone Noise ReductionYES
Adaptive Feedback CancellationYES
Low Battery Warning IndicatorYES
auto save the program & volume
Volume ControlYES
Programs3 programs, normal; noise reduction; T-coil
TrimmerH-tri; P-tri
Battery Type13A
ON-OFFBattery compartment
parameter for Dance-Poweful BTE Hearing Aid