Poweful BTE Hearing Aid With Trimmer Small In Size~Dance2019-11-18T03:27:33+00:00

Project Description

The feature of Poweful BTE Hearing Aid With Trimmer Small In Size~Dance

  • Fully digital signal processing
  • 2 channels WDRC multi memories amplifier
  • 12 bands frequency shaping
  • Great output performance with low distortion
  • Low frequency gain adjustment(H-tri)
  • Output adjustment(P-tri)
  • Volume control with rocker switch
  • ON/OFF with Battery compartment
  • Low battery warning indicator
  • Telecoil available
  • 13A battery

Function of Dance~Poweful BTE Hearing Aid With Trimmer Small In Size

ProcessingAdvanced digital 2 channel
Wear TypeEarhook
Microphone Noise ReductionYES
Adaptive Feedback CancellationYES
Low Battery Warning IndicatorYES
auto save the program & volume
Volume ControlYES
Programs3 programs, normal; noise reduction; T-coil
TrimmerH-tri; P-tri
Battery Type13A
ON-OFFBattery compartment
parameter for Dance-Poweful BTE Hearing Aid