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Project Description

The feature of  Open Fit Hearing Aid — Puro

Puro is a fully digital high quality 4 channel, 12 bands hearing aid with WDRC and AFC function, which can bring users high-fidelity sound and only about 2% distortion.

Excellent performance in sound quality.

The memory function of program and volume means that Puro will automatically restore the user’s last setting when the device is turned on again, so users don’t bother to manually adjust the program again.

4 preset programs, program 1 for most environments, 2 is suitable for noisy environments such as restaurants; 3 Tele-coil for telephone; 4 for music listening.

With dual microphone settings, Puro help users hear conversations in a noisy environment.

Open ear design, invisible and compact.

Less than 2g, comfortable to wear without burden for ear.

The silver appearance matches most elder user’s hair color, which better meets the needs of invisible.

For users, the 4-channel Puro is far superior to ordinary digital devices in terms of noise reduction and feedback suppression. The sound quality is clear and can bring a good hearing assistance experience.

Puro has a unique silver appearance, excellent sound performance, which is very suitable for e-commerce sales and online sales.

Function of Puro~Open Fit Hearing Aid

ProcessingPremium digital 4 channel
Wear TypeOpen fit
Microphone Noise ReductionYES
Adaptive Feedback CancellationYES
Low Battery Warning IndicatorYES
auto save the program & volume
Volume ControlYES
Programs4 programs, normal; noise reduction; T-coil; music
Battery Type312A
ON-OFFBattery compartment
parameter for Puro-open fit hearing aid with bluetooth