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Project Description

The feature of BTE Earhook High Power Hearing Aid~Echo

Echo’s maximum gain is about 75 ± 5dB, which is a product specially designed for users with severe hearing loss. It uses 675 zinc airbatteries to meet the needs of high power comsumption.

Thanks to the 2-channel advanced digital chip, Echo has good feedback suppression performance while amplifying enough sound, which is difficult for ordinary analog amplifiers and basic digital hearing aids.

There are 3 programs, in addition to 2 programs that meet daily and noisy environments, the third program has Tele-coil function. When the hearing aid is in T-coil mode, the microphone does not pick up sound, the sound is transmitted directly with telecoil. so you will not hear anything until you have a working telephone next to your ear or in a “looped” room.

Echo comes with H & P trimmer, H is used to adjust noise, P can be used to adjust the output amplification.

For distributors/wholesalers with traditional sales channels, such as at counter drugstores and clinics, Echo is worth trying.

Function of Echo~ BTE Earhook High Power Hearing Aid

ProcessingAdvanced 2 channel digital
Wear TypeEarhook
Microphone Noise ReductionYES
Adaptive Feedback CancellationYES
Low Battery Warning IndicatorYES
auto save the program & volume
Volume ControlYES
Programs3 programs, normal; noise reduction; T-coil;
TrimmerH for high frequency, P for output
Battery Type675A
ON-OFFBattery compartment
parameter for Echo high power hearing aids