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The Ultimate Guide to Choose Hearing Aid Models for Buyers

For older people with hearing loss, the hearing aid selection can be confusing and painful, especially when they decide to shop online without the help of an ENT/dispenser/audiologist. As a purchaser, when you are choosing a hearing aid model from a variety of suppliers, are you also confused? Today's article will try to explain several methods on choosing hearing aid models. Based on your purchase budget The most expensive component of the hearing aid is the amplifier/DSP (digital signal processor), so we can say that the budget basically limits and thus determines the amplifier/DSP. If the purchase budget is below [...]

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Purchasing Information: Differences between Analog Hearing Aids and Digital Hearing Aids

From analog to digital Since the ear trumpet was invented on17th century, hearing aids have never stopped innovation. In 1980, the birth of digital hearing aid brought greater hearing quality. Since then, digital hearing aids became more popular and well known by most users. Today we are going to discuss how you, as a purchaser, choose the right products for your market between analog and digital. How analog hearing aids work Analog hearing aids are relatively primitive. For hearing aids, the key components are microphone, receivers and amplifier/processer. For analog, the amplifier just amplifies and outputs the sounds at a [...]

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Why you should consider purchasing affordable hearing aids/amplifiers from China

As the population ages, more and more elders will face a series of problems caused by their age, including deafness. For example, the baby boomers in the United States, most people are over 70 years old and daily communication may have been affected because of hearing problems. Besides, modern people are paying more and more attention to health issues. But when they are ready to solve the hearing difficulty, what will they encounter? Simply put, the price is high. In the United States, the average price of a single hearing aid is $2,372, from Hearing Tracker survey. This is a [...]

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What you need to know for selling hearing aids or amplifiers in the USA

If you are a US seller/distributor, you may have this confusion, what is the difference between a hearing aid and an amplifier? Why some of my competitors claim that their products are hearing aids, and others are amplifiers? Are the import tariff rates the same? If you have such confusion, please review the table below to illustrate the same and different points between hearing aids and PSAPs. Hearing aid V.S. PSAP In short, hearing aids are medical devices. The FDA has strict regulations on hearing aids, including packaging labeling, marketing, device registration, etc. The amplifier does not compensate [...]

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Six Aspects You Should Know When Entering Hearing Aid Market

Abstract With the opening of China's trade and the improvement of China's manufacturing and R&D capabilities, Made-in-China products are more and more popular, as well as the hearing aids. If you are purchasing hearing aid related products or plan to do so, this article is for you. It will cover the market for hearing aids, the export of Chinese hearing aids, market changes on player & product, and introduce some countries' regulation. Hope this article will help you form a better overall understanding of the hearing aid industry. Enjoy reading 😊 Reader Especially for buyers/purchaser who are interested in importing/ [...]

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