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How Your Vendor Produce Hearing Aid Amplifiers

Raw Component

We get key components from our supplier, our cooperated supplier includes Knowles, Intricon, and ONSemi.


Operators sold components together on main circuit board.


Based on assembling guideline, operators need to put all components inside the hearing aid case.


Visual check + Electronic test + Listening test

Hearing Aid Amplifiers Production Process


  • After receiving the order, sales will input the order info in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and then each department will cooperate according to the ERP.

Incoming Material Quality Control

  • When the supplier delivers the goods, the IQC department first judges whether the materials are qualified according to the inspection standard. If not, the materials will be rejected.
Incoming Material Quality Control---az hearing
Welding & Assembling---AZ HEARING

Welding & Assembling

  • After the production department receives the materials, it starts welding with microscope and assembly. The welding requires the operator’s experienced skill and pricise operation. It takes about 2 months for a green hand to master the skill.

Final Quality Control-Electronic Test

  • The Fonix machine make sounds, and connected to the hearing aid microphone, then we could see if the hearing aid meets the standard based on the output performance shown on the Fonix screen.
electronic test---az hearing
Final Quality Control-Listening Test---az hearing

Final Quality Control-Listening Test

  • The tester simulates that the user wears a hearing aid, detects whether the gain is sufficient, whether there is a howling/feedback, whether the sound will be broken, and so on.


  • Packaging is mainly to ensure the integrity of the goods during shipment, our packaging staff always carefully pack goods.
Packing department of AZ Hearing
outgoing quality check of hearing aids

Outgoing Quality Control

  • After the goods are packed, OQC will conduct random inspection according to AQL standards. OQC will also check the performance of hearing aid.


  • The goods will be shipped out when OQC is completed. Customers could choose the forwarder you prefer, DHL/TNT/UPS/ by air.
forwarder pick up goods-
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