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Hearing Aid Wholesale Supplier

AZ Hearing is your reliable wholesale hearing aid, PSAP & hearing amplifier supplier with FDA certified, ISO guidance.

We wholesale hearing aid, sound amplifier, hearing s accessories (ear tip and sound tube)and related equipments / devices(battery charger, battery tester, audiometer, headphone, hearing aid programmer ect).


3 Round of QC Inspection

We care about quality as your hearing aid manufacturer.
Each of our products has undergone three inspections: incoming inspection, production inspection and outgoing shipment inspection.

5 years OEM/ODM Experience

We understand the importance of brand and word of mouth, and our OEM service allows your brand keep a special space in users’ mind. You only need to focus your market and we will handle all manufacture issue for you.

1 Year Factory Warranty

We understand that the after-sales of hearing aids is a tricky problem for many dealers. We offer 12 months warranty for manufacturing defects.


R&D of AZ Hearing


Hearing aids are a high-tech product, only professional engineers are familiar with digital chips and algorithms. If you want to customize the design and setting ofl of your hearing aids, our R&D department will work together with you for your customized project.

Production line of AZ Hearing


As a hearing aid wholesale supplier, our production is based on ERP to assign tasks to ensure that actual shipments are no later than the planned date. If you have an urgent shipping plan, please communicate with us and we will make appropriate internal adjustments to meet your requirements.

QC hearing aid Inspection

Quality Control

Hearing aids are special medical devices worn by users every day, it is so closely related to our lives. So quality is essential for hearing aids production. Thus, we set up 3 QC inspection procedures to control quality.

sales team

International Sales

Responsible for new customer development and old customer maintenance, after-sales support. Cooperate with other departments such as R&D to move forward with new product development, with production department & warehouse regards to production plan.

Warehouse of AZ Hearing


Storage different types of products, such as original materials, semi-finished products and finished products, to ensure that the storage conditions of electronic products meet standards.

Packing department of AZ Hearing


Make sure that the package of the goods meets the shipping conditions and protects the box of the item as much as possible. Try not to waste carton space and save shipping costs for customers.




Fonix Hearing Aid Test System

Fonix Hearing Aid Test System

Salt Spray Test Machine

Laser Lettering Machine for hearing aid

Laser Lettering  Machine

Dropping Test Machine for electronics

Dropping Test Machine

Vibration Test Machine

Vibration Test Machine

High Heat and Humidity Test Machine-

High Heat and Humidity Test Machine

Super-resolution Microscope

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