Puro 4 channel digital hearing aids


a professional hearing aid, personal sound amplifiers supplier, dedicating to offering reliable products and considerate service to clients. We have hearing aid and faceplates, also provide hearing accessories and related devices.

With 5 years’ production experience, we have 9 series of mature products, covering BTE, Open fit, CIC with analog/digital chip. Current popular technology like Rechargeable & Bluetooth connection is also applied in our advanced models.

Our factory has passed the ISO system, FDA, CE certificate. Our partners are mainly located in North America, South America, Middle East, and India.


We supply products cover from analog to digital hearing aids.

In terms of waring type, we have BTE(behind-the-ear), ITE(in-the-ear) , CIC(complete-in-ear-canal) , and RIC(receiver-in-ear-canel). 

Rechargeable and Bluetooth connection is alsoapplied in our advanced models.

No matter you are new or familiar with (OTC ) hearing aid market,  please feel free to talk with our sales team. We offer free consultation on product selection, market and regulation analyses.


Why choose AZ?2019-08-19T08:27:18+00:00

AZ is your trustworthy hearing aid supplier in China. The core value that you work with us is that you are going to get a reliable product, 7×24 team support, better after-sales service, experienced market analyze and new product development together with us. All of these might take longer time if you cooperate with others:).

How long does it take to ship the order?2019-06-28T07:41:00+00:00

For order with our standard packaging,

qty<200—5 working days;

qty<500— 7~10 working days;

qty<1000 —10~13 working days;

qty<3000 —15~20 working days;

Produce your customized packaging box takes 7-15 days from the box supplier.

How to ensure the quality of goods?2019-06-28T06:59:13+00:00

First, rest assured that we conduct 3 rounds of quality testing, IQC after we get raw materials, FQC at the production completion, OQC after packaging, which is individually called IQC, FQC and OQC. We also perform quality tests on our samples, We have a very well developed quality control process, according to the standard of ISO13485.

We also implement CAPA (corrective and preventive action) system to improve quality. If any issues arise during the production process, the process will be suspended and we will provide feedback on the problems.

You could visit our webpage How we work, for more information.

If you do find an issue with the quality when you receive the order, please contact our customer service department asap. We always address the problems of our customers promptly.

Are you selling hearing aids or personal sound amplifier?2019-04-17T05:44:30+00:00

Whether they are sound amplifier or hearing aid, depends on how you define these two types in your market. In some European countries, if the gain is over 25dB. they can be named as hearing aid, within 25dB will be PSAP. In some other countries, hearing aid means programmable, sound amplifier can be digital but non-programmable.

How to reduce the return from end customers?2019-04-17T06:18:33+00:00

If you sell hearing aids on the network, the return rate is generally 15%-30%. Compared to other electronic products, This is indeed a relatively high return rate. On one hand, the factory needs to ensure the quality of the product and eliminate the whistling caused by the product quality problem; on the other hand, the volume can be adjusted to a medium level, preventing the user from feeling too loud to return when wearing it. For more detailed solutions, you can talk to your sales staff and we are happy to hear your professional advice.

Do you have OEM service?2019-04-17T05:38:54+00:00

Sure, we support you sell with your own brand. For us, we don’t have high MOQ requirement. However, if you need your own packaging, there is a demand from our box supplier, which is MOQ of 300-500pcs per box design.

How to ship the goods?2019-12-17T09:32:28+00:00

Normally customers choose to ship hearing products via express, DHL/TNT/FedEx/UPS.

If the volume is big, air/sea transportation is also available.

In short, you could choose the shipping way with your preference. Ship with your own forwarder is also no problem.

Do you accept small quantity orders from new customers?2019-06-28T07:01:20+00:00

Of course! We are willing and interested in all small orders. We aim to grow together with small business partners in the hearing industry and provide hearing aids with a high performance-price ratio to all customers.

If you are not familiar with us and you prefer a trial order with small qty, we understand and will definitely support you.

What you are selling is digital or analog?2019-06-28T07:02:38+00:00

Depends on different models. Digital means we use digital chip so it is not liner amplification, which means the noise reduction could be better; analog is rather an economic and affordable choice for end users.

What is OTC HAs(over-the-counter hearing aids)?2019-04-17T06:17:47+00:00

OTC HAs is a new category created with the permittance of FDA. It means USA users could get hearing ais without prescription.

FDA does not publish specific regulations, yet it shows a potential needs from people with mild to moderate hearing loss and those who truly need affordable hearing aids. With advanced developments in digital technology, hearing aids are much smarter and more user-friendly nowadays.

OTC HAs could be an affordable choice for many users.